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“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man."
~William Shakespeare

WARNING: Images may cause rapid heart palpitations and bursting of the loins.
Do not view this blog if you can't handle the man.


left filled with beardy lust.

ACTUAL fact.

Facial hair grows more quickly when the man anticipates sex.

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Every time a man shaves, somewhere in the world, a woman fakes an orgasm. 

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When I was little, my dad would have to shave before he went on flights. I recall not wanting to go on vacation because I knew it meant my dad would have to shave off his beard. I also recall crying when he did shave. I suppose my beardy infatuation has always burned with a fiery passion deep inside of me.

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Dear boys, grow beards. That’s all.


But boys can’t grow beards…only men can.


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I promise I don’t rape bearded men.

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kristineirl: i think my eyeballs just exploded ♥w♥

Sorry, my dear, but we are not responsible for any lustful related injuries associated with this blog in all it’s beardy glory. You should have looked into beard-related injury insurance before viewing these pictures. The best of luck to you and your maimed eyeballs, beloved follower.

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Real men know better: Don’t shave. Find a woman who will embrace the beard. 

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❝ ..and a plethora of gorgeous bearded men fell downward toward the earth. There was no fear in their hearts. Because beard. All the women of earth began to remove their clothing, shouting indistinguishably at the breathtakingly manly suitors. The unearthly, angelic men made irrefutably passionate love to each unworthy woman of the sad, feckless planet. And all too soon, their beards transformed into glorious wings, stretching across the clear blue sky filled with these seemingly mystical bearded creatures, and carried them back to the heavens where they so rightfully resided.
-The Absolutely Fucked Up Mind Behind TheLordoftheBeards
Anonymous: Beards are the new porn.

No. Porn is the new porn. Beards hold the rightful title of the original pornography.

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