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“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man."
~William Shakespeare

WARNING: Images may cause rapid heart palpitations and bursting of the loins.
Do not view this blog if you can't handle the man.


left filled with beardy lust.

this is so irrelevant.

So I was looking at some Robin Pecknold/Fleet Foxes covers, and I saw a comment from Robin himself. So I went to his channel and I see that all he does is leave encouraging and helpful comments for these people that cover his music. It was so touching! My love for him grew so much. Gosh, he is possibly the most wonderful semi-famous bearded man in the world ever. Ever.

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This is more something I’d usually post on my other blog, but some fantastic beardiness is involved in this picture.. So I decided to put it here. Robin Pecknold is forever perfect and I love him.
Poor Robin.. He’s all heartbroken and baldfaced.
Talking about Robin Pecknold's recent breakup with girlfriend and beard...
Kevin (boyfriend):I didn't know Robin Pecknold shaved.
Me:Yep. His girlfriend left him, he shaved, and wrote a song called "Olivia, In a Separate Bed." Poor guy.
Kevin:Oooo yeah, that would do it.
Me:Haha yeaaaah. I bet that Olivia feels like a bitch now!
Kevin:I hope she does. She murdered a beard! Unacceptable.
~ Indeed, my love. Indeed.
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Hey, Robin. Yeah okay. I’ll marry you.
Robin Pecknold, you so perffff. Or at least you were.. You better be working hard on growing that beard back out. I swear I won’t marry you with that smooth face.
Robin Pecknold before he sacrificed his manhood—I mean shaved..
*sigh* Robin’s beard. :c

Robin Pecknold’s beloved beard.

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