About us.

“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man."
~William Shakespeare

WARNING: Images may cause rapid heart palpitations and bursting of the loins.
Do not view this blog if you can't handle the man.


left filled with beardy lust.

Beards looking for love.

Name: Stephen C.
Age: 21
Interests: Cigars, longboarding, photography, records
Beard age: 5-6 weeks
URL: www.comfybluechair.tumblr.com 



——Hiking, being spotaneous, going to shows, watching movies, engineering/sculpture stuff.

——Been growing it for a few years.

——Reach me here http://sandboxphotography.tumblr.com/

——Double majors student, wear tons of flannels and play sports.

Alex, 24 years old.

Interests: Drawing, reading, cats, nature, the 80’s, films and tv in general.

I have been growing my buddy on and off for some months now. But I tend to change often.

Reach me at imalmosthuman.tumblr.com



The things that make me tick are bicycles, photography, art, cats, whiskey, tea, sometimes cars, picnics, music and movies.

I’ve had a beard since 2002 with a little absence in 2006ish due to a job and a short endeavor with a handlebar mustache, but its back bigger and stronger then ever.

Ladies can find me in the UK or thebeardedswoon.tumblr.com

-I like naps, cooking, cigarettes, drunk texting, luxury items, dudes with beards and nerds.

Name: Calebino

Age: 23

Interests: Wearing flannels/ plaid shirts, playing bajons. Just being a lumber jack. 

How long I’ve been growing: I haven’t been clean shaved since 2006

Can be reached at: Here for starters. (calebino.tumblr.com)

Name: Keith

Age: 20

Interests: Work, driving, playing music and instruments, cooking, beard growing, humor, concert going, cats

How long I’ve been growing: He has been a proud beard parent for about 2 years!

Can be reached at: 636-352-3091 (girls only, please)